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Best size and location for shower alcoves

The best position for the shower room niche is about 20 cm or 10 cm from the wall, and the size of the niche can be selected according to your own preferences. In addition to special requirements, the shower room niche and the ground are generally more than one meter away from the ground, which is the best position.
Niches are not only used in shower rooms, toilets, etc., but also as bookshelves or cupboards. However, whether it is made into a bookshelf or decorated in a shower room, the size of the alcove needs to be reasonably arranged and designed according to the size of the wall in the house. Determine final niche dimensions.
Different occupant preferences also determine the size and location of niches. The occupant's preferences are linked to the interior design style, and the materials used for making the niches will vary. But no matter the style, most people prefer marble alcoves in the shower. And the size will also be large, easy to place some shower supplies and daily necessities. Most of the size is a three-story niche, with a length and height of 30 cm is the best, and the position is about 50 cm from the ground.