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Can harsh or abrasive cleaners be used on the wall niche?

The material of wall niches is usually ceramic tiles, stone, or other hard materials, which are relatively hard but have different tolerance to cleaning agents. Irritating or abrasive cleaning agents may cause damage to the surface of wall niches, especially for sensitive materials such as glass or special coatings.
Therefore, it is recommended to carefully read the instructions of the cleaning agent before using it to clean the wall niche, and choose a cleaning agent that is suitable for the wall niche material. If using irritating cleaning agents is necessary, follow the manufacturer's instructions and ensure good ventilation to prevent the odor of the cleaning agent from causing harm to the human body. Meanwhile, avoid using abrasive cleaning agents to avoid damaging the surface of the wall niche.
In addition, when cleaning wall niches, a soft bristled brush or cloth should be used to gently wipe them, avoiding the use of rough fabrics or tools to avoid scratching the surface of the wall niches. If there are difficult to clean stains on the surface of the wall niche, appropriate cleaning agents can be used for treatment, but excessive cleaning or use of cleaning agents should be avoided to avoid damage to the wall niche.