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How to Decorate a Recessed Niche?

Recessed niches are a great way to increase your storage space without taking up extra square footage. They also give you an ideal spot to display valuable items, such as fine art. This type of home storage is easy to install using a handsaw and common construction adhesive. A recessed niche can be placed in any area in your home that has sufficient depth. Recessed niches are a versatile home decor option that will add a unique element to any room.
To create a unique focal point, paint the back wall of a recessed niche a different color than the adjacent wall. For example, painting a tan wall with a chocolate brown hue will add visual depth to the space. Bright, bold colors are also an excellent choice to make a recessed niche pop. Alternatively, a back wall painted with black paint will create an unexpected color contrast. Adding patterned wallpaper or a stencil design can also add visual interest to the niche.
A wall niche can be a great way to display a plant collection. The arched shape of a wall niche draws attention to the plant's foliage, and green foliage will stand out against neutral paint. When choosing the type of plants to place in your wall niche, make sure to use a plant that receives ample light.