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What are the sizes and thicknesses of bathroom niches?

There isn't any unified preferred for the scale and thickness of bathroom niches, and specific design and choice should be primarily based on man or woman rest room area length and needs.

Generally talking, the dimensions of niches can be designed in step with man or woman utilization needs, normally with a peak among 1-1.5m. If the area of interest is used to place bathing merchandise, the height of shampoo, bathe gel, and different items with a higher bottle frame is normally round 40cm, that can meet the desires of most miscellaneous objects placement. As for the thickness of niches, typically speakme, niches with a height between 1-1.5m from the ground are about 15cm deep, however this additionally requires particular layout and choice based totally on person toilet space length and wishes.

In addition, the burden-bearing wall can't be moved, so the layout of the area of interest additionally wishes to take this into attention. At the identical time, the thickness of the wall should no longer be less than 30cm, otherwise the design of the area of interest might also affect safety due to load-bearing problems. If it's miles important to carve niches on the wall, it is essential to keep away from at once chiseling on the half of wall, as this may motive cracks in the water-proof layer of the wall and have an effect on the water-resistant and moisture-evidence effect of the rest room. Meanwhile, it is endorsed to use small bricks for niche construction to facilitate reducing and decrease the need for special sizes.

In summary, the scale and thickness of bathroom niches need to be designed and selected based totally on man or woman toilet space length and desires, at the same time as additionally being attentive to load-bearing walls and safety issues in the course of creation.