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Advantages of alcoves

The wall niche is like an open locker, the functions are similar, the difference is that the alcove is mainly designed according to the wall, and that kind of locker needs to be made by someone or purchased by yourself. Although the alcove can directly thicken the wall or make a hole in the wall, it is not suitable to use the alcove in all cases, and sometimes we still need to carefully consider it.
The size and height of the alcove basically need to be customized by hand. Generally, the custom-made things are more suitable than the finished products outside. Just like custom clothes, tailors need to make clothes according to your body circumference, and they also need to measure them themselves. Home decoration is no exception. Like this niche, the final position of the niche needs to be determined according to the owner's usage habits, needs and his height, so that the owner will use it more easily in the future. ②Safety
Some cabinets or racks are all installed on the surface of the wall, and they have sharp corners. People often accidentally install or knock them at home. It is a problem for the elderly or children at home. risk index.
However, it is different to make a niche on the wall. Embedded in the wall avoids the existence of corners, and it looks more neat and beautiful in appearance, which is one of the reasons why it is loved by so many people.