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Which alcove designs do not work well

①Glass plate
In some homes, a large hole is directly cut out of the wall, and then a partition is pressed inside to become a delicate niche, including glass, ceramic tiles, and stainless steel.
Don't think that the glass is particularly easy to clean. In fact, as long as the surrounding environment is relatively humid, the glass may form water mist, and it is indeed relatively easy to handle when it is wet. But once it dries, if there is leftover shower gel or soapy water on it, it is very difficult to take care of, so if you are going to put a partition, don't choose glass, and the appearance is not particularly good-looking.
②The height of the niche is not enough
Be sure to leave enough height, otherwise you want to put some large bottles of shower gel, shampoo and shampoo in the later stage, then the niche will lose half of its effect. The height between each layer of the alcove is preferably about 30-40cm, and the thickness of the alcove on the outer wall is between 10cm-20cm. Too thin things cannot stand, so be sure to check the size before making the alcove.
③Slice thin noodles to make niches
Thinly sliced ​​noodles is what I mean by directly drilling holes in the wall. If the place at home is large enough, you can cut thin noodles without cutting them, because after choosing this method, the wall becomes thinner, and the sound insulation effect will naturally become worse.
There is also the smell of the bathroom. The light wall is not very good at separating the smell. If the wall is thinned, the smell of the bathroom can be smelled almost every day, so if the wall can be thickened to make a niche, I choose this kind of odor. way is better.