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Features of the alcove

1. Strong decorative, suitable for a variety of styles. Because the niches are cut directly on the wall, and hidden lights can be used on both sides of the hole to create a hazy feeling of the space, fully showing the mystery of the items, and the whole design gives people a bright feeling.
2. It is easy to use and does not occupy space. Since the niche is recessed into the wall, this design is also convenient for us to take things without taking up space.
3. Expand the visual space. The niches recessed into the wall can extend people's vision and make the whole space spacious and atmospheric.
4. Durable and not easy to damage. The alcove is not like the shelf that is installed. It is easy to damage and fall off over a long time. It cannot bear too heavy items, and its practicality is definitely not as strong as that of the alcove.