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A beautiful and practical storage cabinet

Storage has always been a headache for us. After all, we need to store too many things, including clothes, shoes, and bags. And now the more popular is the storage design of the alcove. A niche, to put it simply, is actually a storage space that we carve out on the wall and install a grid inside the wall for easy storage. The existence of the alcove does not require the purchase of additional storage furniture, it can be directly used to store items, and the alcove has a versatile performance, making it easy to use in any space in the home. However, its depth is generally limited by the structure. Usually, a width of about 0.1~0.2 is chiseled from the wall, which is generally seen in bathrooms. The alcove can be used as a bookshelf, cupboard, etc. It does not occupy the building area and is more convenient to use. However, the location of the alcove must consider the arrangement of the furniture and the convenience of use. At the same time, pay attention to the problem of the wall structure to see if it is suitable for the wall niche.