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Grooves on the wall for storage

There is a shoe cabinet in the entrance, and the alcove can be used to store some frequently used shoes. This is basically the same as leaving space under the shoe cabinet. If there is no space under the shoe cabinet in your home, you can make a built-in shoe on the wall for supplementary storage. Of course, if you decide to make a niche in the entrance, there are some things that need to be understood in advance.
First, the niche to be built cannot be a load-bearing wall.
Second, do not fix the crossbar of the stuck shoe, it is best to use a telescopic rod, so that it is convenient to adjust the gap between the levers by yourself.
Third, the wall of the alcove should not be directly a large white wall, which is easy to get dirty, and tiles can be pasted on it.
Fourth, the length or width of the alcove is not fixed, you can build it according to your own situation. For storage requirements, of course, the higher the better. If you don't like it, if it is not beautiful, you can add a cabinet door. In fact, this is quite a built-in shoe cabinet.
Fifth, if there is no need to use the alcove to store shoes in the later stage, it is also a good choice to place some books or display, what do you think.
If the entrance is too narrow to place a shoe cabinet, you can learn from this method for design. In the case of a shoe cabinet, the alcove can also be used to assist in the placement of commonly used shoes. It does not take up much space, but it can display 7 or 8 pairs of shoes, which is indeed a good design.