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Alcove: a new element of home decoration, a good helper in the storage industry!

In the decoration design, the alcove is a design concept that combines hard decoration and soft decoration. The design comes from Buddhist altars and shrines. In terms of decoration design, the alcove has the function of expanding the space. The alcove recessed into the wall extends the space visually , it can be used as a storage space in function.
The alcove does not need to drill holes when decorating, it is designed directly on the wall, suitable for any home space, and an artifact for small-sized apartments.
Which spaces can be used as alcoves:
As a practical storage space, the alcove is very suitable for any space in the home, and there is no fixed requirement for the location.
Living room: Design an alcove in the living room, which can be used as a storage rack or bookcase. It is a good choice to put your favorite books or decorations.
Bedroom: Bedroom design alcoves are most commonly used for bedside storage, or for storing clothes. Put a few books, decorations in the alcove to make the bedroom more unique.
Bathroom: The bathroom is the most commonly designed niche space. Generally, the bathroom in a family is not too large, but it requires a certain amount of storage space for shower gel, shampoo and other toiletries. Design an alcove next to the sink to keep the countertop from being messy; design an alcove next to the toilet to put toilet paper, mobile phones, etc.; design an alcove in the shower area to easily store bottles and cans for washing.
What should be paid attention to in the design of the alcove?
An alcove is not just a matter of drilling a hole in the wall. The design of an alcove has many requirements and restrictions on the wall. A series of issues such as wall material, thickness, waterproof, and sound insulation must be considered.
For non-load-bearing walls, holes of ideal size can be directly reserved according to design requirements, and the inner wall can be reinforced to form a niche.
For newly built or rebuilt partition walls, it is necessary to reserve holes of ideal size in advance, and do reinforcement and backboard treatment.
Originally designed on the basis of the wall, it needs to be thickened to leave holes of ideal size, and the inner wall can be reinforced.