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How to install glass in bathroom alcove

First consider how large the alcove will be in proportion to your bathroom wall. Generally speaking, the most practical place is next to the left or right side of your wash basin, but this place cannot be designed to be too large in size, it is practical but lacks aesthetics. My bathroom is long, so I designed a long alcove opposite the wash basin. Then, the size of the actual slot must be 5-10CM larger than the design size, so as not to hinder the work of the bricklayer. This is more important. The specific size of the shower niche should refer to the tiles you choose. The actual size should be an integer multiple of the tile size and there should be no zero difference. In other words, if you use 30*30CM tiles, then the niche size should be a multiple of 30CM, such as 30*60 or 60*120CM, etc. At this time, design any niche that is not a multiple of 30CM, such as 48*69CM, It means that the tiles have to be cut before they can be pasted, so the final effect will not look good. Don't ignore this problem, because it takes several people to implement it from design to start. You can't guarantee that every group of people will be neat and tidy. If there are some places that cannot be explained in the end, you can only choose to rework or fix it, which will increase the cost of decoration or you will have to face this failure every day for several years in the future. Finding a good master to do the work is crucial, and niches all around have an overall effect. Step reading 4 For the niche inlaid with tiles in the bathroom, the four frames should be designed with a 45-degree collision angle as much as possible, and do not use the outer corner decorative strip to seal the edge to show the most beautiful effect of the niche. The only downside is that the anti-collision ability becomes worse after the corners are thinned.