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What are the construction methods for bathroom alcoves?

1. Make alcoves when choosing a guarantee.
The developer drains the sewers during the construction of the bathroom for the drainage of the toilet, and guarantees the sewers during the renovation. The sewer pipe is carried out during the guarantee construction, and the bathroom alcove can be created by using the limited space. It should be noted that the thickness of the niche cannot be too deep or too shallow, generally around 15-20 cm, and the height is normal. Start practicing at 1 meter.
2. Build new walls as niches.
According to the requirements of each person and the different types of units in the bathroom, corners and small space are often wasted in the bathroom. At this time, the construction of new walls will occur. When building walls, the limited wall air-conditioning walls can be used to make different The niches in the area increase the beauty and practicality of the bathroom.
3. Drill holes directly in the wall to make niches.
Design the niche position and size according to the size of the wall, and then use the mechanical slot to make the niche directly on the wall. The prerequisite for this type of niche construction method is that the wall thickness cannot be less than 24cm, so as to ensure that the newly opened niche can be placed.