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Introduction to the advantages of installing alcoves in the bathroom

How to install the alcoves for home decoration, do not pay attention to the advantages of these alcoves: the clever combination of hard and soft decoration can not only use the recessed space to extend the vision, but also place accessories. Especially practical. Details of the alcove: Whether it is a home or an office, it can be used to beautify the environment. Make holes in the wall. Pay attention to do hidden light on both sides, which can make the displayed artwork more beautiful. The shape of the niche: the most important part of it is to make the feeling of a picture frame, using the picture frames of different appearances to set off the artwork inside, showing a civilized fashion. It is best to design an alcove to decorate the bathroom at home. But do you know what to pay attention to when designing a niche?

1. The thickness of the wall must be enough to 30CM thick, if not, it is not recommended to make a niche. 2. The recommended depth of the alcove is 15-20CM, if it is too shallow, it has no practical use, and if it is too deep, it will lose its aesthetics. 3. The load-bearing wall cannot be transformed, not even drilling holes. Pay special attention to making niches in the bathroom: 1. The bathroom area is small, so it is necessary to consider what proportion of niches are suitable. 2. The design size of the slot should reach 5-10CM, so as not to hinder the bricklayer work. 3. The specific size of the niche should refer to the tile, and the actual size should be an integer multiple of the tile size and there should be no zero difference. 4. For the niches inlaid with tiles in the bathroom, the four frames should be designed with a 45-degree collision angle as much as possible. Do not use the outer corner decorative strips to seal the edges to show the most beautiful effect of the niche.