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Origin of the alcove

Niche is a very new term for home decoration, it is a design concept that combines hard and soft decoration. 1. The alcove was first used in the building. Basically, a space is carved into and out of the building. For example, the Buddhist alcove is lined with Buddha statues. According to the size of the church niche, the statue can be placed, or it can be inlaid with picture frames or even inside. window. But the "alcove" in the mosque is one of the facilities of the mosque's prayer hall. It reads "Mihrab" in Arabic. Positive worship. In Afghanistan, the main body of the national emblem consists of a white mosque niche and pulpit, with two flags on either side. 2. Niche, in modern home decoration, is a design concept that combines hard decoration and soft decoration: the space set aside on the wall for storage facilities. Its depth is limited by the structure, usually about 0.1~0.2 meters from the wall. Niches can be used as cupboards, bookshelves, etc. It does not occupy a building area and is more convenient to use. The location of the niche must consider the furniture arrangement and ease of use, and at the same time pay special attention to the safety of the wall structure. 3. The English word for niche is "Niche", which means "niche". Philip Kotler defines a niche in Marketing Management as: A niche is a narrower identification of certain groups, which are a small market and whose needs are not well served, or "have a benefit. The basics". The "niche market" in marketing is also known as the "long tail market".