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Shower Niche Install Problems

No matter which shower niche you decide to install or where you install it, there are some important guidelines that must be followed to avoid making a few very regrettable mistakes.
1.Shower Waterproofing
Many old-school contractors still do not routinely install shower wall waterproofing membranes.
As such, leaks at the shower wall corners and the wall to base corner are common with no membrane.
2.Retrofit Niche Installation
Fitting a retrofit niche into a hole in the shower wall and gluing it to the tile by a tiny silicon bead is always a bad idea.
The inevitable result is water in the stud wall leading to mold…… you get the idea.
3.Integration with the Waterproofing Membrane
Most finished shower niche products do not have built in flange for attaching to the waterproofing membrane.
Whether you buy finished niche or a prefab tile ready niche, you must make sure it is bonded to the membrane.
4.Don’t Compromise the Wall Structure
Construction of a custom horizontal tiled niche involves removing a section of the wall studs that support your shower wall.
If this procedure is not done correctly by someone qualified, it can seriously compromise the structural integrity of the shower wall.
5Outside Wall Installation
It is generally not recommended to mount a shower niche in an outside wall, especially in older homes. 
You can probably get away with it in a milder climate if the stud wall thickness is 6″ or more but you should check with a local building professional.