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What is the best material for the shower niche?

The best materials for the shower niche:

1. Glass
The use of glass as a partition for the alcove is common in bathrooms. Compared with other materials, glass has good waterproof and moisture resistance. It is easy to install and can be installed after the bricklaying is completed, or we can install it directly in the later stage. And the side of the glass does not need to be closed, and it is also very thin, which can effectively save bathroom space. Although the use of glass as a partition has many advantages, it also has some shortcomings. Glass is fragile. If the quality you buy is not up to standard, it is prone to breakage, leaving some hidden safety hazards.
2, tiles, stone
In addition to glass, we usually use stone or tile to make the partitions. If you choose this type of material, its construction is usually carried out while the bricklayer is laying the niches and tiling. The advantage of ceramic tile and stone is that the material is strong and durable, we don't need to worry about the phenomenon of chipping and so on in use, and the pattern style of ceramic tile is various and has a certain decorativeness. The biggest disadvantage of ceramic tiles as a partition is that the side is not easy to close, and it looks a little unsightly, which will directly affect the aesthetics of the bathroom.
3. Light body brick + ceramic tile
Some families also choose to use light-weight bricks as their partitions. Usually, we use wall bricks to close the wall when we are finally tiling. The advantage of this method of light brick + ceramic tile is that it can be perfectly integrated with the wall, which can make the wall look less obtrusive. But its disadvantage is that this kind of partition is relatively thick, which is a great challenge to the construction technology of the bricklayer, especially when tiling in the future, the wall tiles need to be chamfered.
4. Wooden board
Among various materials, it is also more common to use wood as a partition. Generally speaking, its installation can be carried out after the bricks are pasted. It should be noted that not all wood boards can be used as partitions in the bathroom. We must choose wood boards with good moisture resistance, such as teak and preservative wood.