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Stainless Steel Niches - The Art of Wall Storage in Beauty and Fashion

Yusanx stainless steel niche is made of thickened 304 steel, fully densely welded, and is not afraid of moisture and rust. Advantages of using stainless steel niches:
1. Make the space structure more graspable, more free, and fit life;
2. The color of the niche decorated with stainless steel can be customized at will, to achieve the perfect combination of function and beauty, and to meet the multi-scenario application of the whole house;
3. The most important thing is the embedded design of the wall, so that the storage does not occupy precious and limited space;
4. Humanized niches are extended to make installation easier. The wall is close to the niche and the wall is integrated, creating a unique life.
In addition to the stainless steel niches described above, Ningbo Yusanx Metal Products Co. , Ltd. has other product to choose from. Let's have a general understanding:
Ningbo Simple Creative has two own factories named Ningbo Yuxin Metal Products and Ningbo Nuoerxin. The factory was established in 2010 and is located in the coastal city of Ningbo. Now the company has the following processing equipment: laser cutting machine 15000w, 6000W, 2000W, laser pipe-cutting machine 2000W (pipe length 9000mm, diameter 208mm), CNC plate-cutting machine, bending machine, reaming machine, rolling machine, stainless steel, precision Key plate metal processing equipment. We have a strong R&D team and we can develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples offered by the customers. Over the past twelve years, our company adheres to the principle of integrity management and healthy development, focusing on the metal products industry. Our main products include precision sheet metal, sheet metal parts, shower niches, electric towel racks, tile trims, metal artworks, floor drains, tissue racks, animal feeders, parcel boxes and so on. We welcome new and old customers to call for advice!