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Installing a Recessed Wire Drawing Shower Niche

Installing a recessed niche will give your shower a customized look. These niches are a versatile option that can be installed in many locations, including the shower, tub, or medical spa. They can also be used to provide waterproof shelf space. They also come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors.
A niche is a great way to maximize your shower's storage space, while providing a designated area for soap meals and other bath products. They also add a nice visual touch to the tub surround. To install a shower niche, contact a professional tile contractor in your area. This contractor will frame the niche on the wall with waterproofing materials, including vapor retarder and flexible flashing. A cement-backerboard substrate is used, which allows for a longer working time. The niche will also have a sloped bottom, which prevents water from pooling.
When installing a shower niche, make sure to measure the area it will take up. It's best to have the opening about three-fourths the size of the niche. This will ensure that it fits well in the space provided by the niche. You should also take into consideration the size of the tile backing board, which will affect the size of the niche.
After tiling, place the finished niche in the niche hole. This will ensure that it is waterproof and easy to maintain. The finished niche also has a membrane bonding, which makes it easy to clean. You should also make sure that the shower niche is not against the exterior walls of the home, especially if the climate is cold. Otherwise, you'll lose valuable insulation space. Also, consider putting a polyurethane insulation in the niche to prevent frost from building up on the tile.