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What are the precautions for niches?

1. The thickness of the niche
The general thickness of the niche is designed to be about 15-20cm, so the wall that needs to be excavated must be a non-load-bearing wall, and the wall thickness is not less than 25cm, so that it can be safe and practical.
2. the size of the alcove
The size of the niche can be made according to the bathroom. It is recommended that the size of the slot is 5-10cm larger than the design size. The reason for this is to make it easier to reserve the size of the later repair and tiling.
3. the height of the alcove
The wall niche has no fixed height and can be designed according to its location.
4. Wall tiles and tiles for niches
The wall tiles used for the construction of niches are recommended to be small bricks under 10cm, and they must be constructed as whole bricks so that they will not break easily.
5. The material of the niche
The glass niche is convenient for construction and easy to clean.