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The alcove is really convenient to use

1. What is a niche?
Some decorators may not know what an alcove is, so let's learn about alcoves first! The meaning of alcove in home decoration is "dug a small hole in the wall", and then this "small hole" can be used to store and display items. The simple understanding is that the alcove is a built-in display stand. .
2. Where can the alcove be installed?
The niche is a relatively special storage structure, it needs to be installed in the wall, so it also has more stringent requirements for the installation environment. One of them can meet the requirements of niche installation! So in home decoration, where do niches generally appear?
①In the shower room
The alcove is an extremely practical design for the shower room. It can provide a convenient storage and placement position for the shampoo, shower gel and other toiletries in the shower room, so that you can use it when you are in the shower. supplies;
At the same time, there is usually a sewer pipe in the shower room. When the basic home decoration is carried out, the sewer pipe will also be sealed. Then, when the water pipe is sealed, the wall can be built to the length of the entire bathroom, and a niche is left by the way. The location is convenient and practical, and it also avoids an exposed sun corner in the shower room.
②Beside the wash basin
Next to the wash basin, if the conditions are met, a niche can also be added, so that there is also a convenient storage place for bathroom products, such as toothpaste, toothbrush, water cup, skin care products, etc. , you can put it in the alcove on the side, and you can turn around to get it when you use it, which is very convenient.
③In the aisle wall
The niches in the aisle are mainly used for placing decorations to increase the sense of artistic design of the aisle space.
The aisle is the transition area of ​​the entire space. If it involves the renovation of the apartment, then the walls on both sides of the aisle will generally be demolished. placed.
④In the newly built wall
Many people have the idea of ​​"digging a hole" in the wall to make a niche. In fact, this idea is not feasible in practice! As a unique structural design of niches, the general installation conditions are that new walls are required and the walls are thick enough. Therefore, during home renovation and renovation, niches can be added in appropriate places according to the wall-laying conditions of the renovation of the house. Space is used more flexibly.