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What are the Types of Wall Niche For Your Home?

If you have a special piece that you want to display in your home, a wall niche can be the perfect spot for it. It gives your item a unique space to call its own, while also adding architectural structure and interest to the room.

You can use a variety of different types of wall niches for your home, depending on the type of decor you're trying to display. Some are purely decorative, while others have a purpose for storage.

Built-In Niche:
For an elegant look, consider a built-in wall niche that is designed to be installed between studs. This option is more expensive and requires a significant amount of legwork to fit the niche in between the studs, but it can be worth the expense for the end result.

Recessed Niches:
The best recessed niches are the ones that are framed, which adds a little depth to the feature and gives it more of a traditional feel. These types of niches are a great choice for homeowners who want to create a more substantial and regal look in their homes.

Colored Niches:
A bathroom wall niche can be coated in any color you choose, including a natural wood finish. This allows you to create a contrast between the recessed area and your walls, while maintaining a uniform color throughout your home.

You can also choose a brushed stainless steel or mirror finish for a more modern and sophisticated look. This option has a bit more maintenance than a colored one, but it can add a sleek finish to your space.