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How to Install a Recessed Niche?

Decorative wall niches are one of the most tasteful ways to add depth and drama to your home. They are a great way to showcase the small things in your life, like your favorite rug pattern, or even books that you leave out on the coffee table.

You can also use a decorative wall niche to showcase your art and collectibles. These items are not just for showing off, they can be used to truly enhance the look of your room.

How to Install a recessed niche:
A recessed niche is the perfect home upgrade to create new storage space without taking up extra space. These shelving units sit between the studs in your wall and are very easy to install.

How to make a drywall cutout for a recessed niche:
To make a drywall cutout for recessed niches, use a pencil and paper template. Measure the niche's height and width, then draw lines that match these measurements on a drywall panel. Then score these lines with a utility knife several times until the cut goes through or nearly through the drywall.

How to mount a recessed niche:
Once you've made the cutout for your recessed niche, run a bead of adhesive white caulk around the perimeter of the niche to bridge the seam between the wall and the niche. This will keep the niche and your shower walls waterproof while adding a neat look to your bathroom.
These recessed shower shelves are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to the traditional shower caddy and floor rack. They are also more permanent than other storage options and can be tiled to fit the look of your bathroom.