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Notes on bathroom decoration

Although the bathroom is the smallest space in the whole house, its frequency of use is the highest. Therefore, in this limited space, how to make good use of the design to maximize the utilization of the small space? In fact, to maximize space utilization, it is better to maximize the comfort of the owner's use experience. Therefore, a reasonable bathroom design is a problem that every family must consider. The bathroom must be waterproof. It is best to use flexible waterproof materials to brush twice. , and confirm that there is no leakage before proceeding to the next step of construction. If you don't want to affect the harmonious relationship with the downstairs neighbors, the sewer pipes must be wrapped with soundproof cotton, otherwise going to the toilet in the middle of the night will affect the normal sleep of the downstairs neighbors, and it is inevitable to argue! In addition to the necessary sockets for electric water heaters in the bathroom, if you also want to install a smart toilet, remember to leave a socket 30 cm from the ground next to the toilet. Based on the experience so far, it is recommended that you make an alcove in the place where you have a guarantee in the bathroom. It is really beautiful and quite practical. It is mainly used to store various toiletries for bathing. strong. At the time, I wanted to keep the size of the partition to 2 cm, but the bricklayer said that it was too narrow and it was not easy to operate. In the end, the smaller the better, the better the finished product. 3 cm is not bad. The height is based on 30 cm of the whole brick. Yes, the bottom 30 cm and the top two 27 cm.