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The practice of bathroom niche

The practice of bathroom niche:
1. Because it directly cuts a hole in the wall, we should avoid the load-bearing wall when making a niche in the bathroom, and the thickness of the wall should be greater than 25cm, then we can dig a niche. The specific method is that we should dig a hole in the wall first, and its size should be about 10cm larger than the completed size of the niche. This is because we need to leave enough size for repairing and tiling in the later stage, and then we use light bricks as the back. Lining can be processed. During the construction, we must prevent the direct excavation of the half wall to avoid the cracking of the wall and the cracking of the waterproof layer and latex paint.
2. If you are guaranteed to make an alcove, then we need to wrap the water pipe of the bathroom first, and then use the distance between the two pillars to make the alcove. There are many ways to use the middle shelf of the alcove, such as glass, brick, wood, stainless steel and so on. Generally speaking, the area occupied by the niche is not large. It is enough for us to pick 10-20cm from the wall. The thickness of the niche is about 15-20cm. If it is too shallow, its practicality will be reduced. Not so pretty.