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Niche classification

In addition to conventional niches, in some special cases, it can also be designed with functions similar to niches, such as low-wall wall platforms, wall-mounted toilets, etc.
①Low wall wall platform
For example, when the sofa wall or TV wall is designed with a low wall, the top of the wall (that is, the wall table) can be used as a table for placing decorations, increasing the exquisite artistic atmosphere of the space.
②After the wall-mounted toilet
Nowadays, many home decoration will consider using wall-mounted toilets. When the wall-mounted toilet is installed, it is generally necessary to build a wall at the rear to surround the installation bracket decoration, and the wall behind the toilet can be made into a small low wall. Make the space behind the wall-mounted toilet a wall table where you can put bathroom supplies.
③Customized cabinet realizes alcove
In general, conventional niches can only be achieved when new walls are built. In some special cases, such as when a storage cabinet is installed next to a washbasin, an open grid can be added to the storage cabinet to achieve the same effect as the niche. the same function. An alcove is a storage experience that hardly takes up any area, but can be used conveniently and smoothly. If the conditions of home decoration permit, it is very necessary to install an alcove!