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Smart alcove bathroom renderings

Smart alcoves, as a form of traditional brick-laying with blanks, need to be realized by laying false walls and use a single tile surface decoration, which has obvious disadvantages in aesthetics and space utilization, so it suddenly evolves It is an evolutionary result of stainless steel smart niches, which solves many problems of traditional brick-laying niches.
So what are the advantages of smart wall niche, a fashionable technology product? There are many advantages, let's list the main and rare ones below:
1. Space advantage: No need to build another fake wall, just leave a space on the single brick wall with a thickness of 120mm, you can install it, without sacrificing any area of ​​the bathroom, you can DIY as many smart niches as you want, the effect is very shocking .
2. Lighting advantages: The product comes with 12V low-voltage LED lighting, which has the effect of lighting and decorative atmosphere lights.
3. Functional advantages: lighting, adjust the color of LED lights, adjust the brightness and darkness, make the bathroom light and dark freely, adjust the required color and brightness according to the mood, and instantly soften the light and feel happy.
4. Control advantages: support voice control and touch control, you can freely use Mandarin and Cantonese to command the smart alcove control, or you can control all functions through the built-in touch switch. It has a self-contained 12V low-voltage transformer, and can be linked and controlled by multiple niches for unified control. It will definitely bring convenience and fun to you and your family, which is practical and interesting.
5. Color advantages: the use of stainless steel smart niches has a regular appearance and delicate workmanship. The colors are beyond imagination and colorful. Inlin Yingling smart niche, in addition to high-end and luxurious brushed rose gold and brushed gun ash, there are also touching Morandi colors, so that your bathroom will immediately experience a kind of beauty, tranquility and pleasing to the eye. High-level sense, countless fans. Please get in touch.