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Pay attention to these details when making a niche in the bathroom

After living at home for a long time, the most troublesome thing is storage, there are too many things to put away. Especially in the bathroom, there are a lot of bottles and cans. The storage racks are getting bigger and bigger, and when you take things, you have to rummage for a while. The alcove solves this problem very well, placing items separately and taking them easily, and at the same time adapting to various home styles. So how should the alcove be designed? Are there really no limits to designing alcoves in your home? Let's take a look at it together.
1. Prerequisites for the placement of niches
The alcove is beautiful and practical. When decorating the home, I hope to make an alcove at home, but where to install it, how to install it, and whether it can be installed are all issues that need to be considered. For example, in order to make a alcove, build a separate wall. , and then dig out the niche, it would not be worth the loss. Therefore, we must first look at what conditions can be used as niches. If the conditions are not met, it is better to buy a shelf, which can make better use of the space.
Condition 1: There are bumps on the bathroom wall
Some bathroom structures are uneven due to sewer pipes or other walls, so this situation is relatively simple. You can directly make niches in the recesses, leave a suitable size, lay other positions, and make partitions in the middle. , that's it.
Condition 2: The pipes can be found after they are wrapped
Bathroom sewer pipes, when decorating, they will choose to wrap the pipes. At this time, according to the location of the bathroom, the wrapping position can be widened, and the space in the middle can be made into an alcove, so that the pipe outsourcing is flat with other walls or cabinets. together.
Condition 3: Install a wall-mounted toilet
In recent years, wall-mounted toilets have become popular. When installing the toilet, you need to build a wall, so that a half-height wall can be built, and a storage table can be directly used on it. If the location is too small, you can also use a small cabinet to store items, so you can store more items.
Condition 4: Non-load bearing walls are suitable for chisel walls
Some toilet structures will be directly made into dry and wet separation. At this time, if the partition wall between them is not a load-bearing wall, and the thickness of the wall is greater than 30cm, the wall can be directly chiseled to make a niche.